Tuesday, May 15, 2018

study tips for diploma students

study tips for diploma students

  • when start  semester of diploma you must be download syllabus according your branches.
  1.    mechanical engineering
  2.    electrical engineering 
  3.    electronic engineering
  4.    computer science engineering
  5.    chemical engineering  etc
  • select your subject according  your branch and create time table but not include your college time and then study regularly.
  • when your exam time will be come then you must have study earlier of hard subject ,that not hard subjects this concept does not understand in college ,to solve this problem first download previous 10 year question paper according your scheme i.e :- C scheme ,G scheme ,I scheme etc..
  • if you have only one month remaining for preparation of semester exam first solve previous 2 or 4 semester question paper and find out important question which are repeated in paper .
  • after study all questions according your subjects you must to practice of paper.

  • according  theory exam study tips      
    • first of all select text book according your understanding i.e textbook ,neerali  publication,or previous question paper and other references books.
    • concentrate only concepts and understand, that's useful to remember long time   
    • if you have to problem for learning any concept read one time and write it check which word does not in note ,practice practice and practice then you realize this will be remember easily.
    • practice practice and practice until does not remember.
    • this formula also will be on diagrams practice ,practice and practice.

  • according numerical exams 
    • first of all sort out same type of questions
    • sort out according marks of questions i.e 2  marks,4 marks etc.
    • solve first simple questions and then complicated questions.