What Is Digital Marketing? Overview & Information

So friends let's start our today's topic our today's topic is digital marketing so friends before starting to digital marketing I'll explain to you what is marketing marketing, what is marketing ? marketing is the action or business promoting & selling products & services including market research & advertising. so friends what it means? it simply means whatever we are doing for promoting our business , product selling or for selling our services , how we do that? through marketing research what is market research? market research it simply  means we are observing suppose we are having garments business then we are looking which trends are going on in the garments market.

How trends we can use in our business how we can implement these trends in our business. Okay so friends let's start digital marketing. what is digital marketing? so many times you may be heard about digital marketing our prime minister MODIJI is also saying make India digital but what is digital marketing?

            Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media & differs from traditional marketing in that, it involves the uses of channels& methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns & understand what is working & what isn't - typically in real time. Okay so friends what is meant? it really simple digital marketing means whatever things/advertising assume you are playing a game on your mobile.

Then you 'll see so many advertising in that game you'll get so many new games link in that game that is also one type of digital marketing. Okay you are using Facebook & getting so many product  advertising on Facebook that is also one type of digital marketing so these all things come in digital marketing so, friends, I'm considering now you understand what is exactly digital marketing. so friends lets start our new topic see here I wrote why choose digital marketing? so many people will say up to there were no digital  marketing concept till date.

There were no digital marketing but so what there no business no friends there were no digital marketing but then businesses were running but digital marketing is a new concept & why we have to choose is the reason behind is in our India population is very high it's world 2nd highest population in India so India more internet users than any other country India is on top rank India is on 3rd rank in digital marketing in today's date  1st china , 2nd U.S.A then India India's main strong point is India's business are getting growth than expected growth for every business, we are expecting some growth in terms of profit so in our India business are getting 14% more growth than their expected growth because of digital marketing because almost 90% peoples are active on social media sites like Facebook so we can do advertising over there.

 We can do advertising on mobile gaming app today more than 90% people's are having an android mobile so we can do advertising on mobile what we require for digital marketing ? for doing digital marketing we only require two things 1st you should have your own website & 2nd your own app it's not necessary that you should have your own app but if you only have a website that's also fine here I wrote distinguish between traditional marketing & digital marketing see here what is traditional marketing & digital marketing traditional marketing means, suppose someone is the open new restaurant so he 'll distribute the pamphlet, brochures in his area all these things are come in traditional marketing what digital marketing is he is doing advertisement on online like Facebook , Instagram twitter & soon see here in table here I wrote traditional marketing reaches to limited people like you also saw if suppose you started restaurant or if you started a new shop then you 'll only distribute the pamphlets in your area or in your city & in digital marketing you'll reach to unlimited people if you put anything on the internet then it  becomes viral for ex, you put a video on Youtube it becomes viral or put any post on Facebook then it becomes viral like that now it's target what it's target?

Traditional marketing it's not very specifically targeted like suppose you are having a restaurant or suppose you are having any other business then it's not necessary that  whatever is your business it's needed to everyone it may be possible some people's are only eating south Indian food & you are having Punjabi restaurant or it may be possible your business different than people's needs but then also we are distributing pamphlets to that people or else we are putting ad in news paper so traditional marketing isn't very specifically targeted so digital marketing is very highly targeted but if you same thing in digital marketing if do advertising on Facebook you'll get all options like to whom you want show your ad? in which area you want to show your ad? what do you want ? so more you just select it Facebook will show your ad to those people only who are interested in your product or similar to your product suppose you have a Punjabi restaurant & someone is looking for Punjabi restaurant then only your ad will show to that person ROI what is ROI?

Return On Investment means if you have any business then you 'll invest money in that business then it shows what is your Return on investment means whatever you are investing & whatever you are earning from that business it's known as ROI if you see in traditional marketing it's not very sure you started restaurant & distributed 1000 pamphlets it's not necessary that 1000 people will come to you restaurant it may be possible only few people will come to your restaurant it means whatever you are investing according to that you aren't getting return on investment in digital marketing you'll  get high Return On Investment so friends now I'm going to tell you.
which topics come in digital marketing like in traditional marketing print media like putting an ad in the newspaper distributing pamphlets all these things so what comes in digital marketing. 1st SEO Search Engine Optimizations then SEM Search Engine Marketing, SMO Social Media optimizations SMM Social Media Marketing PPC Pay Per Click content marketing , blogging email marketing, affiliate marketing, Youtube marketing or video marketing Inbound Marketing Google analytics social media analytics so friends all these topics we'll learn one by one. 
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