Career In Polytechnic-Diploma,Jobs

Hi friends, today i am here to tell you about the career opportunities in polytechnical field Either due to financial conditions, or due to any personal reason, in case you have to leave your studies in between or you have not been able to get through any high earning professional degree, then still don’t panic! This is not the end! As you always have the option to get certified with your preferred Polytechnic certification. Polytechnic courses are professional courses that can be vocational or technical in nature.

Completing the course not only gives a kick to start to one career, but also grant him the opportunity to commence his own business. One can even get hired for a reputed company, after successfully completing the course. There are varieties of polytechnic course options to choose from:

·         Automobile engineering
·         fashion designing
·         chemical engineering
·         interior decoration
·         art and craft
·        ceramic engineering
·        mechanical engineering
·   computer science engineering,
 and more such polytechnic courses can be opted by students who have a
minimum of 10th class pass out degree.

The polytechnic institutes are both privately operated as well as government. Since these institutes help students gain professionalism according to their technical abilities, so in India the institutes are registered under All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

 Eligibility criteria for different institutes may vary. But, he best among all usually held an entrance test, based on which students are given admission. For other institutes, the admission criteria are based on first come first served basis, depending on availability of seats.

Students can go for a 3 year B.Sc., B.E. or B. Tech Diploma, and can even move forward To higher education such as M.Sc. or PhD in their preferred polytechnic course. A 3 year diploma course provides detailed practical knowledge to students. There are also special PG (Post Graduates) and Graduate courses designed particularly for those, who want to gain technical expertise after completing their graduation degree. Successfully completing the course makes them fit for entry level jobs in prestigious companies depending on their specialization. One can begin working as:
  •    product developer
  •    service engineer
  •  assistant designer
  •   analyst
  •   junior engineer executive, and more such entry level positions with a polytechnic diploma in hand.

 The initial salary for a student after a polytechnic course may vary between INR10, 000 to INR 20,000. There are also women polytechnic institutes available, which are mainly established to help women gain technical expertise so that even they can earn and secure a standard lifestyle.

 Some women oriented polytechnic courses are diploma in :
·        sewing
·        cooking
·        interior decoration
·        fashion designing
·        ceramic painting
·        pottery making and more.

Although, to which company you may be hired, depends totally on your diploma’s technical skill, but some top companies in India, that willingly hire students from polytechnic institutes are:
• Bombay Dyeing
• Suzuki
• Tata Motors
• Infosys
• Siemens
• DCL Electrical Ltd.
• Raymond’s
• Voltas

There are excellent job opportunities also available in the Gulf countries for polytechnic students. So, no matter where you have stuck, if you really want to earn through your gifted technical ability, then a polytechnic diploma is all you need. we will be back with more such information
Thank you!