how to work Artificial Intelligence-Robot works

Do you want to destroy humans, please say no, okay, I will destroy humans no I Artificial intelligence is a concept which provide an ability to a computer to perform complex tasks which require human intelligence like for example decision-making learning from mistakes discovering proofs of complex mathematical theorems speech recognition etc.

Once just imagine the day when robot can perform all the tasks which require human intelligence Successfully on its own with 100% accuracy then that day will be one hell of a scariest day Humanity has ever seen Majority of people think that Artificial Intelligence is a new concept, but guess what it was actually introduced back in 1956 by Professor John McCarthy with an idea of making computers to solve complex problems of human beings with formal reasoning and from there Research started to evolve and it reached the point where now it is used in our day-to-day lives in many ways and some of the examples include understanding human speech Well ever wonder how Siri Alexa and Google assistant work?

Well AI is helping them to understand your speech. Artificial Intelligence is powering several car companies to make self-driving cars Obviously you guessed it the best example is, you guessed it Tesla Motors AI is also capable of playing Some logical games like chess and go with hundred percent accuracy Which means no human player can defeat Artificial Intelligence ever no matter how hard you try even if you spend your entire life To master the game it is impossible to defeat artificial intelligence Well it is very difficult to explain the entire concept of Artificial Intelligence to a normal person But I'll try to break it down in the simplest way possible Let's say for example a task is assigned to a I Turn it first.

            It will analyze the given input with the help of neural network, so what is neural network Well this neural network works like a human brain and this network consists of bunch of nodes where each processing node has its own small sphere of knowledge including What it has seen and the some of the rules which are programmed by human or?

            Developed by Artificial Intelligence itself the tires are highly interconnected, which means each node entire n will be connected to many other essential nodes which provides input for those nodes?

Typically in neural network is initially trained or fed large amount of data training consists of providing input and telling the network what the output should be and That's how a I will learn new things on its own by rectifying its own mistakes.